Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Porsche No. 1

             On the 8 August 1974, a car transporter arrived at Harper’s Yard and I was dumbfounded to see the first ever Porsche, Number 1 sitting on it.
Porsche Cars Great Britain had arranged for the loan of Porsche Number 1, the first car to bear the Porsche name, to be transported to Great Britain, to display for the official opening of the renovated AFN premises.
Bill and I had been up to AFN to take a number of photographs of the new showrooms after the rebuilding of their old premises.
            Alan Chant, who latterly worked alongside Harry Olrog at Harper’s Yard, took charge of unloading and storage of this very special Porsche.
            Later on I had a sit in it and when it needed moving, I had a small drive around Harper’s Yard in it, just to say I had driven it! I parked my own Porsche 356B alongside Porsche No.1 and Bill took a photograph from the upstairs flat of both cars with me peering out of my driver’s door window.

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