Thursday, 12 January 2012

Nick “Rainmiester” Faure

Nick was always popping in at our office at Harpers Yard South Street to catch up on the news or to try and find out if Bill knew about one thing or another. He had been a good friend to me and saw I was as enthusiastic about Porsche as he was.
When I had purchased 636 HYT, I was so scared of bending it and I hardly ever drove it in the rain to begin with. Porsche 356 motoring is fine in the dry but it can be a bit challenging in the wet and you could easily end up coming out of a round-about or corner backwards. I was always mindful of the fact that my Porsche had never been involved in an accident and I was not going to be the first to crash it.
            I called Nick “Rainmiester” Faure up one day and he said he would take me out in the rain in my car and give me a few driving lessons. Shortly after, Nick appeared and we went out together in the pouring rain. Nick drove and he was soon doing 180-degree turns in the rain on the public roads in complete control of my Porsche 356B type. I was so impressed at his ability and calmness. I then took over the driving and Nick sat beside me laughing and joking but really helping to give me a lot more confidence and control techniques.

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