Wednesday, 18 January 2012

JTA in the Darkroom

I had not seen anything much of John Aldington to talk to since I left AFN. One day whilst I was in the darkroom printing, I heard a knock at the side door. I called out that I would be out of the darkroom shortly. I secured my printing paper and finished the current run of prints in the fixer. I came out of the darkroom only to find John Aldington in our office asking for Bill. I told him Bill was away on a shoot and asked him in to see if I could help him?
At that time we were actively engaged in doing a number of public relations, advertising and printing jobs for John on the Porsche 930 turbo amongst others. John had a number of these photographs with him and he started to explain what he wanted us to do. I thought the best thing I can do in order to avoid any misunderstandings was offer for him to join me in the darkroom, which he did. I got the negatives out and we set about framing up the shots, as he wanted them. John spent most of the afternoon with me and we printed up a number of large 20x16 inch prints in black and white, which he took away with him.
When Bill came in I told him of John’s visit and he was quite intrigued by it all. John was a very private man and I just treated him as a customer so it was quite natural for me to consult on the job as it were. John had enjoyed himself and it got me a little closer to him in my new Van Hallan role.
John Aldington used Van Hallan for a lot of Porsche photographic jobs and Porsche Cars Great Britain and AFN provided us with a steady stream of work.
I especially liked print off press runs for them and this usually entailed printing hundreds of prints of the same negative and as each one went through the drier I counted the money we were making.

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