Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ing. & Bracket

Peter Bulbeck had been living with Bill’s daughter Amanda at a flat in Sunningdale near Windsor and they had recently purchased Walnut Tree cottage near Odiham in Hampshire. Bob Grafham and I volunteered to help out and ended up doing all sorts of house renovation jobs for them in our spare time.
We stayed over for many weekends and as Peter was a great boating man, he invited us down on his boat for the odd day, which he kept at Hamble marina.
From then on, Peter nicknamed Bob and me, “Ing. and Bracket”. I guess I was fortunate that he called me Ing. (After Ingenieur, German for engineer), as I could have been the “Bracket” side of our duo, not that that worried Bob or I, as all Peter’s banter was taken in good stead.
Bob was also in to wine making at the time, and Bob came over with a bottle or two of blackberry and elderberry port wine, which was very nice and Peter told us that he liked it, so on the next occasion Bob came with several bottles. On a subsequent visit we both heard from Peter that one bottle after the other, they had exploded! They had obviously continued to ferment and were bottled a little too early. Bob never offered Peter anymore homemade wine after that, as there were a lot of stained carpets!  

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