Friday, 13 January 2012

356A Type

One day, Nick showed up and asked me, “Could you give me a lift to north London as I’m going to buy a Porsche 356A?” I told him I would and after a chat with Bill about Porsche 356 motoring for an hour or so, and after our second mug of coffee, we set off together in my Porsche 356B. Nick was always so enthusiastic about Porsche, especially the older 356 cars. We duly arrived at the seller’s place and I left Nick to haggle a deal with the seller and after shortly after he purchased the car, I followed Nick back to Harper’s Yard with him driving his new acquisition.
Bill asked Harry Olrog if Nick could clean the car up and he agreed. Bill was very impressed with this particular Porsche 356A, which was ruby red metallic, with dark red leather interior and in very good condition. Eventually after a bit of banter with Nick, Bill bought the Porsche 356A off him on the spot! Bill had told me previously that he wanted to have a Porsche 356 again as a fun car, so he did the deal with Nick.
After Nick went off home counting his cash, Bill and I set to cleaning the Porsche 356A up inside and out. We worked on it all weekend and it looked superb when Harry came in and saw it the following Monday morning. Harry sorted Bill out with a decent set of tyres and we went off and got it insured and taxed. Bill and I drove this car quite a lot and did a few mechanical jobs on it. I told Bill I would look after and service his 356A for him, which I did on weekends at Harper’s Yard.

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