Friday, 9 December 2011

VP-01 Training

One of the main attractions for me to join AFN was to be on the inside of the official Porsche organisation and to attend factory-training courses from time to time.
A group of us from AFN attended the first Volkswagen-Porsche course, number VP-01, held at Porsche AG, Ludwigsburg, Germany shortly after I joined. My fellow colleagues included; Ken Tolfree, John Kemp, Peter “Hamster” Spiers, Steve Reagan and Nick Peacock. Patrick Sheedy one of the middle management drove us to Germany in the AFN VW mini bus. This was a laugh as you can probably imagine and we passed the time travelling with humour and stories amongst each other. We stayed at a small hotel near Porsche Ludwigsburg and the beer flowed in the evenings although we were all sharp the following day at the training sessions.
This course commenced on 20th February 1973 for one entire week. This was mainly to learn about the 914 electronic fuel injection and ignition systems and also the new K-Jetronic fuel injection system that was now standard on the new Porsche 911 range. Our instructors had a 911 engine running on a test bed in our classroom and we all had a turn at adjusting the engine set-up live. I could not believe how slowly this engine would run at idle, as we had it running so slowly, we could count the revolutions.
It was on this trip that I first met Rolf Frey who often visited Great Britain to sort out the warranty claims amongst other things. I became good friends with Rolf from that time on and we met up again some years later, but that is part of the second part of this book.

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