Thursday, 8 December 2011

UR1- Bradford Pratt

On the lighter side, one of AFN customers was a real character, a man called Bradford Pratt. He was also one of the old school AFN customers and just arrived without an appointment and honked his horn until someone opened the workshop roller door and he just drove in. He would appear from his car demanding to see Keith Jenkins the Sales Manager or Lawrence Hardwicke or Philip Tyrell if he wanted some after sales service. He was loud and spoke very properly and he was a man used to getting his own way. He completely ignored and could not be bothered with AFN’s petty rules and regulations about customers being in the workshop areas and not insured.
I remember Keith Jenkins coming into the workshop one afternoon and looking around Bradford Pratt’s burgundy coloured Porsche 911, which was registered UR 1, and then whispering a price to him in his ear. They had obviously been discussing a trade in against a new Porsche 911 car whilst they were in Keith’s office. However Bradford Pratt just exploded in front of everyone in the workshop and stated, “Never heard such utter nonsense of a price”. I had never seen Keith Jenkins blush or cringe, but that afternoon he went beetroot red!
From then on whenever Bradford Pratt showed up, all the middle management seemed to rapidly disappear from site! However, he did buy a new Porsche 911 shortly afterwards, so I dare say Keith could manage a wee smile and rub his hands together after making such a difficult sale.

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