Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A negative side of AFN

One particular car, which demonstrated Maurice’s Balchin’s lack of understanding, was a nearly new Porsche 2.4 911E coupe that was always pulling left. Philip Tyrell put me to work on this car after a couple of my colleagues had tried to sort it out unsuccessfully. However trying to sort out a suspension problem, but not being able to experience the problem first hand by driving the car, was very frustrating for me. Also Maurice also fed his information to Philip Tyrell who in turn told us on the shop floor, so everything we got was second-hand.
When I looked into everything that had been done to this car to date, it turned out AFN had replaced the front struts and dampers, front wishbones, steering rack, steering column, bearings and the rear dampers, ball joints and track rod ends! When I questioned this, Philip just shrugged his shoulders and said the customer or Porsche could afford it (as the car may not have been under warranty). I felt really bad and seriously thought Philip was on a percentage of spare parts sold!
Eventually we got the car sorted out which was a problem with the rear suspension, but I dread to think what the customer or Porsche warranty bill was. In my opinion this was down to a complete lack of skill and communication from Maurice through Philip to the respective mechanic and this was how things were run. This system worked so long as there was not a real problem to solve as each respective mechanic at AFN did know their stuff or could at least share a problem with their colleagues.
I dare say the management thought it was fine as they kept on endorsing Philip who had come from Colindale in London, which was an intensive VW service organisation, where volume mattered, not quality.
To be honest, this attitude made my blood boil and I thought it quite disgraceful.

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