Monday, 19 December 2011

Golden Rod

Over the years Ginger was always showing up with exotic cars, racecars or vans, which were the talk of our neighbourhood. One day Ginger showed up with an American friend towing a massively long trailer behind their van. Inside the trailer was Goldenrod, the holder of the world’s land speed record for petrol driven engines. The car was built with four separate V8 engines fitted to it, each one driving a wheel. It was owned and run by the Summers Brothers and Bob Summers drove this car at 409.277 mph at Bonneville in November 1965. This set a Land Speed Record for wheel-driven vehicles (as opposed to those powered by jet engines or rocket motors).
Ginger and his friend were taking the Goldenrod around Europe to motor events and shows and as usual popped into to see mum and dad and cause parking problems for their neighbours! I am not sure how long this van and the Goldenrod trailer was, but it took up at least four regular family car parking spaces outside 175 Beavers Lane in Hounslow, West London and caused quite a stir at the time.

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