Saturday, 17 December 2011

First customer Porsche 930 turbo’s

In due course I kept my eye out for the first delivery of customer Porsche 930 turbo cars from Stuttgart and sure enough Alex’s was the first one. He called me to see him the following Saturday at his home.
When we met up again, he had driven his car, which was silver metallic with black leather interior, for a few days and he was complaining that it was smoking from the exhaust system. He told me he was driving down Park Lane in London and he could see blue coloured smoke in his rear view mirror. After we drove the car together, I was a bit shocked to confirm this and it seemed to me that the turbo charger was leaking oil into the exhaust. Because of the terrific heat generated in the turbo system, it was just vaporising the oil and passing light blue smoke out of the exhaust system. Alex was adamant he wanted a complete new engine fitted and I said I would keep my ear to the ground and let him know of any developments. It turned out that a large number of other Porsche 930 turbo’s had the same problem and it transpired that the first Porsche KKK turbochargers could not deal with the combination of heat and oil pressure and their seals had to be modified.
Turbo charging was just beginning in those days and the Porsche 930 was the only production turbocharged super car around at that time, so Porsche were path finding this technology on production cars.
A few weeks later, Alex got his brand new engine, which arrived in a wooden crate at AFN. It was fitted to his car and the problem was solved. However he subsequently told me he felt the car did not go as well as when he first took delivery of it? I asked around at AFN and then I found out later that a few of the first 930 turbo’s had up rated power and instead of coming with 260bhp DIN, Alex’s car had 300bhp and the replacement engine was the standard 260bhp version. I did not have the heart to tell Alex this, so I let him just get used to his standard production engine.

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