Monday, 26 December 2011


We were at Croft for one race and John Aldington had decided to come along as race manager. He rotated this role around with Peter Bulbeck and on this weekend, John arrived. I did not have much to do with John prior to this and he knew of me only as “Ginger’s brother” and that I had worked previously for Chris Maltin, who he knew well.
My workshop colleagues were always a bit suspicious of senior management as the national culture in those days was, “Them and us”. However, I was always taught to treat people the same way, as you would wish to be treated yourself, so I had no problem in talking socially with John that weekend or any other.
We had all arrived at the country hotel and checked in and Ken Tolfree and I were down at the bar when John Aldington came in and joined us. There was a bit of an atmosphere, however I had no trouble in breaking the ice and chatting with John. Ken wandered off a few minutes later and caught up with others from our party as more and more people arrived before dinner.
After a couple of drinks, John recounted the story to a few of us at the bar of when Ginger was working at AFN in his youth and they were racing GVB at Silverstone. Apparently the AFN Ford Transit had broken down on route towing the trailer with GVB 911D on it. Ginger was with someone from AFN who was driving the Ford Transit van and they knew they could not possible make the race on time if they waited for help to arrive. The driver stayed with the van and my brother decided there was no alternative but to drive GVB on the public road to the Silverstone circuit in full race specification.
Ginger apparently made his way to Silverstone and upon arrival explained what had happened to his AFN colleagues. This was commendable but Ginger did not have a driver’s license at that time and John told us that when Ginger had got lost, he stopped to asked a policeman the way and still did not get arrested at such a young age driving a race car with straight through race exhaust!
I think John Aldington was trying to sum up my brother to me and that story sounded just like him, “Ginger just got the job done to the best of his ability.”

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