Monday, 12 December 2011

Alex Georgiades continued...

Around 10 days later I came home from work and my mother informed me some man had been calling several times for me. It was Alex and I called him back that evening. He asked me if could I pop over and see him at his home and I told him I would be over in an hour. Upon arrival he thanked me for my note and said he would like all the little jobs attending to on his car but not just now. We went into his African room and he offered me a whisky and soda, which the butler bought, and we just sat and talked about cars. Well I was in my element and this man was a perfectionist in everything he did and had the money to pay for it.
We went into his four-car open plan garage and he showed me his 1937 Roll Royce, which was up on axel stands and under a white cotton dust cover. He had recently purchased this car from Coy’s in London as concourse. He told me he had spent another £10,000 putting the Rolls into what he thought was concourse condition. He then challenged me to find a single fault with this car. Some fifteen minutes later after a superficial look around it I knew what he meant as it was in perfect condition like new, not a single fault could be found by my keen eyes.
We returned to the African Room and he asked me what I thought of the forthcoming Porsche 930 turbo that had been announced? I said, “This is going to be the flagship Porsche with super car performance, which you could easily drive around the city or anywhere.”
Alex had owned Ferraris and Lamborghini’s but he said they were impractical as every day cars especially for London traffic and that you needed a riding mechanic to keep changing the spark plugs. He then told me that he had ordered the very first Porsche 930 turbo in the United Kingdom and that he wanted me to check it over when he took delivery of it from AFN in a few months.
I left shortly after with a brown envelope tucked in my pocket and he asked me to come over next weekend and work on the Carrera to sort out all the little jobs, which I subsequently did. It was really great getting paid as a consultant to talk about Porsche’s!

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