Monday, 7 November 2011

Swiss Mini

Ginger was home on a flying visit one day and he had just picked up Richard’s Broström’s racing Mini Cooper S from Downton’s in the English West Country after they had down some preparation work on this car and he was en-route to Sweden in it. This was the most impressive Mini I had ever seen and Ginger took me out for a spin in it around Hounslow West and the performance was outstanding. When we were looking at it outside our family home, I noticed it was on racing slick tyres, which were totally illegal for road use. He said that was not his immediate problem as he was going to drive it to Sweden and it was certain to be snowing there and he only had the race tyres that were fitted on the Mini.
Ginger said he had to rush off but would I do him a big favour and collect Piranne Norinder’s housekeeper’s standard road going Austin Mini 850 from a garage in London and drive it back to Lausanne for her. I said of course I would and that I would plan to make a long weekend of it and get Bob Grafham to come with me to share the driving. He said Piranne would pay for our flights home and arrange for us to get to Geneva airport from Lausanne. He told me where to collect the Mini and who to see for the keys. It was on Swiss plates and left hand drive and to be careful with it and not get any parking tickets.
The following evening I got Bob to give me a lift up to the West End and we collected the car and took it back to Hounslow. There was a Bank holiday weekend coming up in ten days so I called the Broström house in Lausanne and told Piranne we would be arriving a week on Saturday sometime with the Mini if that was OK with her? Piranne said that would be fine and I said I looked forward to meeting her again. 

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