Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Porsche Club France

As participants and teams, we were invited by the Porsche Club France to a reception and evening out which was held at a nearby Monastery.
I remember meeting up again with Dr Helmut Marko, Jo Siffert, Vic Elford, Jo Bonnier, Derek Bell and a number of other star drivers of the day, some of whom I knew from my days spent with my brother Ginger at Sports Cars Switzerland.
We were all given press packs and I remember the champagne flowing and food was there in abundance, so we had a great time. I took all my press photos out and got a number of driver’s I knew to autograph these for me.
I wanted to clear my head a while later and I had a wander through the cloisters with my press pack under my arm. I then met a very attractive young lady wearing black “hot pants” who only spoke French. This did not matter to me as my total French could be written on the back of a cigarette packet. We had some champagne and managed some communication in pigeon French and hit it off, so later on in the evening, I took her back to our caravan for the night.
I remember Malcolm my colleague who I was sharing with and a couple of the others coming back to the caravan a few hours later and then next moment they had unscrewed the stabilising legs at each end and were rocking it up and down with us still inside, obviously trying to embarrass me.
The next morning I received a few comments and raised eyebrows from Bunch, Chris’s wife who named my girlfriend, “Miss Hot Pants” from then on.

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