Saturday, 5 November 2011

Peter Cadbury

In the early days Chris was always paranoid about leaving customer cars outside on the gravel drive area and he always used to make us park them under cover or keep them in the barn. One day we had a visitor in a Rolls Royce and it was Peter Cadbury of Cadbury’s chocolate heritage, who was our nearest neighbour further along the road up on the hill. Peter Cadbury was the chairman of Westward Television and he had Bell Jet Ranger helicopters and Britten Norman Islander planes landing at his house on a regular basis. He was a pilot himself, so Chris was always worried Peter would see all of the cars parked up on the drive from overhead, hence we had to hide them from the air. On this particular day, Peter Cadbury had clocked what Chris was doing on his farm and did not make much of it. However both men used this as an opportunity to help each other, Peter not saying anything about Chris running a business from his home without planning permission and in return Chris agreed not to join in with other locals in trying to get Peter’s flight movements stopped or reduced. I think this was called an accommodation.
Justin Cadbury, Peter’s son, eventually bought a Porsche from us and became one of our regular and valued customers.

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