Tuesday, 29 November 2011

No Passport

After the race I later met up again with Miss Hot Pants and ended up staying with her in her tent, only to wake up the next lunchtime to find all my colleagues had left for home without me. The real problem facing me then was that I did not have my passport with me, very little money, so I was really worried. When I started to tell her this, she could see I was upset and turned round in perfect English and told me not to worry, the French had turned to English and she told me she was from South London!
However, I fortunately met up with Porsche Club member Martin Bishop and his party leaving the circuit heading for England in his Rover 2000 and Martin offered me a lift once he learned of my predicament.
Entering Dover and not having a passport could have caused all sorts of delays for me and as Martin had agreed to drop me off in Hounslow at my parents’ house I was dreading getting stopped by Immigration officials. However with a pile of British passports in Martin’s hands we were waved straight through and also sailed through Customs as well. I was grateful for some help from my Porsche Club friends.
Over a mug of coffee, I also recounted my exploits to Chris, Bunch and Malcolm the next day upon arrival at work.
Bob Grafham and I were best of friends and I used to take Bob in to work with me when he was free to help out. He was then always popping in at Maltin’s to see me and he eventually ended up getting paid for some of his time. Also my younger brother Roy had left school and was taking an interest in working with cars and he joined us shortly afterwards. Remembering how disappointed I was not to have worked full time with my brother Ginger, I encouraged Roy to come and join Maltin’s.
Little did I know then, but things were about to change for me at Maltin’s.

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