Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Broström Sports Car Races

There is some historical confusion which I have noticed on the web boards when writing this book and I cannot claim any accuracy other than what I recall first hand or knew for a fact from Ginger on the races I did not attend.
My late brother Ginger was responsible for all the races in 1969 and 1970 and after his death, I never managed to find any records he may have kept to verify events, although his Sports Cars Switzerland days were long behind him by then. 
The last I heard of Richard Broström was from Ginger many years ago, that Richard had a very bad accident co-driving a Z-28 Camero with Klaus Rassmussen in France, which I think was on the XVIe Tour de France Automobile which took place on 25 September 1971. I am not sure if Richard recovered from this accident, as there seems to be a complete lack of knowledge of him after this time. There were some rumours that he moved to the USA and died there but I cannot confirm these.
To my knowledge there were two races at the Österreichring in 1969, the first race in 1969 which was subsequently followed by the 1,000 kms race in which Richard Broström and Masten Gregory drove and came in 4th place behind the much faster Porsche 917’s.
The 3rd Österreichring race I refer to took place on the 5th April 1970, was not a significant race so that is why is had probably been lost in the records, but it took place as I was there.
Richard Broström and Ginger went to races in Kyalami in South Africa, USA and Buenos Aires plus all the European races in 1969 and 1970.

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