Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The next day we called into see Anita Schulenburg, who I believe is the granddaughter of the founder of Electrolux. I had met Anita with Ginger a couple of times previously and had been to her flat for dinner, so Bob and I called on her. What I did not know at that time was Richard Broström had separated from Piranne and was seeing Anita. Anita was at home and we went in for a chat and coffee. I told Anita we had driven Piranne’s housekeepers Mini from London and we were flying home later as we had work the following Tuesday. Anita was very down to earth and we used the telephone to call Piranne to arrange our flights and a lift to Geneva airport for later that day.  We said our farewell to Anita and went off for a look around Lausanne for a couple of hours.
We had lunch at a small bistro in Lausanne and then drove up to Piranne’s house in Epalinges to drop off her Porsche 911S.  She gave us our tickets and thanked us for looking at the car for her. She told us a taxi was arriving shortly to take us to the airport, which she paid for. We thanked her for the use of the Porsche 911 and we said our goodbyes and left for home.
Ginger called me the following evening to say, “Richard is really upset you had called into see Anita?” Ginger told me he was looking for another job as Piranne had cut Richard off from the money as they had separated and Sports Cars Switzerland was being sold off. Richard was now in Geneva working in the Swedish Consulate. I told him Bob and I had just called in on Anita and therefore she must have mentioned it to Richard by telephone later that day. Ginger told me not to worry, as things were very heated at the moment and Richard was going through a tough time.
I told Bob all about it when I next saw him and we both talked over our trip in the pub the next evening.
Surprisingly for me, Ginger got a job working for Paddy McNally as his chauffeur of all things, driving Paddy around in a Mercedes 6.9 limousine with a driver’s uniform on! Paddy was the resident man in Switzerland for the British magazine Autosport and was well connected everywhere. Ginger said, “It allows me to stay in Switzerland legally and something would turn up for him.”
Shortly after Ginger was offered a job with Helmut Kelleners, who were running a McLaren M8 in the Can Am based Interserie races in Europe. Later he went on to run Denny Hulme’s McLaren M20 the following season for the same team.
He was then head hunted and moved to Aachen in Germany and started working for Willi Kauhsen Racing, who was running Porsche 917’s in the same series.

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