Sunday, 16 October 2011


Hours later, we got back onto the main road and really pushed hard in order to make Zeltweg on time. We eventually arrived at the Österreichring race circuit, unloaded the Porsche 980-2 in the paddock and a very irate Richard Broström walked up talking very agitatedly to Ginger. We had been briefed to forget my “short cut” and just say we were caught up in heavy traffic if asked.

We unloaded and checked the Porsche 908-2 over changed the wheels and tyres then started it and warmed it up. Once my brother was satisfied, and we had set the tyre pressures, Richard took it out on the circuit for a warm up run. There was quite a lot of work to set-up the suspension and make a few other adjustments but as we did not have any spare time my brother just said it would have to do. I think they had ordered the Porsche 908-2 from the factory with the appropriate gear ratios required for the Österreichring.
Richard Broström drove himself at this race as it was quite a small event and he went on to qualify in pole position. He subsequently beat everyone in the race and he got an outright win from start to finish and he was absolutely delighted and soon forgot about the delay in us arriving.
I do not know what it cost to enter and run in this race, but the rewards were a tankard type jug in pewter and small cash prize and entry money. Richard gave the jug to Ginger, as it was not something he would have had in his office back in Epalinges. Richard then thanked Bob and me for our efforts before he left and gave us a couple of envelopes full of Swiss Francs. We were very pleased at this gesture, as we both would have worked for nothing as we considered this a kind of paid holiday.
Over dinner that evening, Ginger told Richard about the apple orchard damage and to expect a bill from the farmer, which should not be too much. Richard was not too bothered by it and went on to tell Bob and me how Ginger and Bob Boutoult had caused quite a commotion the previous year when they lived in a hotel in Lausanne. Apparently the police were called and later Richard had to pay an enormous fine to resolve matters with both the hotel owner and the police.
On the way back Ginger navigated and Bob and I shared the driving and we had an uneventful return to Lausanne, both smitten with the Porsche motor racing bug! Ginger gave us both a lift to Geneva airport in Piranne Broström’s, BMW 2800 Coupe sports car and Bob and I flew home to Heathrow courtesy of Sport Cars Switzerland.
Things got back to normal at Hawkers and I called my brother Mike a couple of times to see if he could get me a permanent job working with him in Sports Cars Switzerland. He told me he was not keen on it as we were brothers, but I could come on trips with him from time to time.
Eventually I was less and less impressed with working inside four walls of a factory, albeit on aircraft which I loved. 

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