Thursday, 27 October 2011


All the race teams decided to stay in Sweden for a week’s holiday prior to moving on to the next race in Denmark, which was scheduled for 23 August 1970. Richard went to meet his wife Piranne in Stockholm.

Most of the race team crews went down to the big local lake and we jointly organised a large bar-b-cue, which went on for a few days. We had stocked up with plenty of food and drink from Karlskoga and we also met up with the local girls again and set-up on the lake sure. Stereos were set up and the music played continuously. We found a boat and a group of us went across the lake, which was massive once we were out in it. The fires burned, we cooked, drank, danced and sang for most of the night. Some folk had tents with them, others just slept rough in sleeping bags under the stars or in the vans. It was a wild affair but I guess this was the 1970’s and the order of the day for young people.
Some days later, a few of us ended up in some girl’s flat back in Karlskoga. The next morning, Ginger arrived and said, “It’s time to leave for Denmark, we need to be at the Jyllandsringen for next weekend’s race meeting.”

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