Saturday, 22 October 2011

Swedish Mile

Ginger needed to meet up with friend at his farm to collect some parts, so when we were leaving the docks, Ginger asked me to ask someone from my window how far was it to Jonkoping? I wound the window down and naturally asked the man in English when asked and he told me 18 miles in perfect English. Doing a quick mental calculation I assumed this was about 30kms. We drove off into the night and after following the correct road for an hour or so, Ginger asked me if I had given him directions correctly as we had done over 70kms by then. My navigational skills had been shown up in Austria so I guess he was just making sure. He then stopped the van looked at the map and asked me to recount exactly what the man had told me and then he said did he say miles or kilometres? I said he told me 18 miles. Ginger then looked at the map and sure enough we were on the correct road to Jonkoping but only about half way to our destination. Then it dawned on him that the man had meant Swedish miles; I looked puzzled and asked what a Swedish mile was? Ginger said 1 Swedish mile was around 10kms, so 18 miles was more like 180kms. That problem solved we drove on, had a rest on the way and arrived early the morning at his friend’s farm. We were welcomed to a hearty cooked farm style breakfast, which I enjoyed very much. We duly collected the spare parts and we were soon on our way to Örebro, which was the main city near to Karlskoga, our destination for the next race. 

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