Thursday, 13 October 2011

Stuck in the mud!

The rain was absolutely pouring down for hours on end as we got nearer to Stuttgart. I think there was a mix up between Ginger and me as we missed our turnoff, so we ended up taking the next one, which went into a service area. Ginger found a back road out of this service area and headed over the autobahn via a small bridge to return the other way and re-join the autobahn and take our correct turnoff. The rain was unbelievable and it was very hard to see in the black of night and we ended up in some kind of farmyard. Ginger decided to turn the van and trailer around in a field and we got stuck in the mud almost instantly. We were there all night and every few minutes we took it in turns in the pouring rain to jack up the vehicle and to see if we could wedge tree branches and fence posts under the van rear wheels to gain traction, but nothing worked.
In the morning we saw that we were in the middle of an apple orchard and we had damaged the farmer’s fence and trees. Shortly after the police arrived and Ginger said to us to just plead ignorance and do not let on that he spoke German, so we all talked in English. The police officer just turned right around and spoke perfect English back to us. He made Ginger sign some report and said the farmer would be seeking compensation from Sports Cars Switzerland. The farmer showed up with a tractor and pulled us out of the mud and we were soon on our way again after a change of clothes and a warm breakfast on the nearest autobahn service. 

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