Friday, 21 October 2011

Scandinavian Adventure

The following day Ginger and I set off for Sweden via Dover and Ostend in the Chevy van towing the Special Porsche 910 on it’s trailer. We left Ostend and drove through to Aachen and then north through Germany and caught the ferry across to Sweden.
As all the recent work on the Porsche 910 was to the new bodywork, we had all the usual race preparation to undertake which started with both of us changing gear ratios on the car deck! Ginger told me how he had met a Finish girl the year earlier on the way to Keimola Motor Stadium, Finland, and had her helping him do a similar job at that time also on a ferry car deck. He commented that I was more help but not as good looking.
However that year, 1969 the car did not race in the Keimola Interserie race for some reason.
I was always hungry in those days, a growing lad and all that, so after we cleaned up, Ginger took me for my first Smorgasbord, which allowed me to eat my fill from this massive table of prepared fresh food, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Following our meal the ferry duly docked and we disembarked.

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