Sunday, 9 October 2011

Saul Manashe

During our stay in Switzerland, we stayed at Ginger’s flat, which was located on the Route de Bern, Epalinges just along from the garage. Ginger shared the flat with two English men called Saul Manashe and Simon Cram. 
Simon was into making professional cinema films and his on screen claim to fame at the time was sitting under the dashboard of a car in some movie, pressing an automatic centre punch into the lower corner of the windscreen to make it shatter whilst they filmed the movie! We all got dragged off to the cinema later that evening to watch this film, which did not mean much to me as it was in French, but we all saw the screen shatter, so Simon was happy.
Saul worked for André Wicky the Porsche Dealer in Lausanne looking after his racing cars. Saul was a real character and had a Frog Eyed Sprite and was always having problems getting it past its annual Police TUF (MOT) test. During our stay, it had broken down a few kilometres from the flat and Saul came in to the flat extremely fed up and asked Ginger to give him a lift and then tow his car back home. So we all jumped into the GM Van and a few minutes later found his Sprite. Ginger hooked up the towrope to the towing point and drove off. All was fine until we stopped at the traffic lights and re-started. We drove off in the van but Saul was left sitting in his car, stationery at the traffic lights, with his feet poking out in the fresh air! Saul had fitted a fibreglass front end to his car and Ginger had tied the rope to the towing point and when he drove off it had pulled the fibreglass front right off it’s mountings, dragging this fibreglass wings and bonnet up the road. Needless to say Saul was not pleased and we never heard the last of it for hours after and he always bought the subject up many weeks and months later. However he had not fixed the fibreglass front end on correctly and Ginger told him that his tow hook was on the wrong part and should have been fixed to the chassis.
Little did I know then, that Saul would also play a very big part in my life some years later!

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