Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Reg Uzzle

There was a man called Reginald Uzzle or known by everyone as Reg, that used to help out around Harper’s Yard. Reg was one of those people who were “part of the furniture” from way back long before Porsche Cars Great Britain had taken over the lease. Bill Bates had taken Reg under his wing, as he was a bit simple compared to most folk and unfortunately, people at AFN used to make jokes and fun of him. However, Bill treated Reg very well and he was an industrious worker and once he had set his mind to a job, and did it as good as or even better than most.
Reg worked at the West Middlesex hospital just a mile or so along the as a porter, but came along to Harper’s every day and on his days off.
Reg was hanging around that evening and organising odd jobs for us whilst we worked on the Porsche 908. Ginger got Reg polishing the exhaust pipes with steel wool in between sorting out other logistical jobs. Reg knew everything about Harper’s Yard so his help was invaluable. Everyone was delighted to see that Reg had done a marvellous job and I became friendly with him a few years later.
Bill had always maintained to me that you treat people as you wish to be treated yourself, and he had applied this thinking to Reg without exception. Over the years Reg got a job at AFN. I am sure Bill had spoken to Lawrence Hardwick to that effect and Reg turned out to be a really good employee for them.
Reg also made a good cup of coffee, which was spiced up with a wee dram from time to time to keep the cold out!
Some years later, Bill and I met Reg’s mother one evening and it turned out he had fell out of his pram in world war two during an air raid and had suffered with learning difficulties later in life. However with men like Bill Bates around, Reg managed very well once given the chance. 

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