Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Porsche Factory

We stayed in Lausanne for three days and set off for Zeltweg on the fourth day via the Porsche Factory in Stuttgart.
We motored off in the new GM van towing a trailer with another older Porsche 908-1 on it. Our first task was to drop this car off at the Porsche factory and pick up a brand new Porsche 908-2 Spider that Richard Broström had just recently purchased. There were replacing all of their Porsche 908-1 with the new 02 models.
When we got on the AutoRoute we could not believe how fast this Chevrolet van went towing a trailer with a racecar on it. The van also carried a spare 908 engine, transmission, suspension and tools boxed in the back plus other spare parts, so the performance was quite remarkable. My brother was soon cruising along at around 160kph (100 mph) and at this speed you could actually watch the very large fuel gauge on the dashboard move slowly down. Now we understood why he had fitted the two extra 356 fuel tanks as the van only did about 12 miles to the gallon. It did not bear thinking about how much this would cost to run across Europe for the racing season. 

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