Sunday, 30 October 2011

Porsche 911T

We left the next day in Richard’s new Porsche 911T, which was bright Condor Green, fitted with a Porsche factory Sports Kit. This consisted of up rated Weber carburettors (bigger venturi’s, main and idle jets), no air cleaner, just flame traps and a twin pipe rally exhaust muffler, which I believe collectively added another 20bhp overall to the engine output.
We drove on through Denmark. I spent a good few hours with Richard discussing all sorts of things. I eventually mentioned a job with him, but he said he would need to talk to Ginger first, who had the final say. He told me it might be difficult for us to work together long term and he did not want to put Ginger in a difficult position, which I completely understood.
Richard was a very good driver and like all racing drivers I had known over the years, gave you a feeling of complete security.
We arrived at the ferry port and I said my farewell to Richard and walked onto the Harwich bound ferry with just my bag.
Once on board, I found a lot of English racers going home to England via Harwich, some of who had been at the bar-b-cue with us, so I fell in with them. After a superb Smorgasbord dinner we all got very merry in the bar and I arrived in Harwich with a severe headache. I could not afford a cabin so I slept in the normal seats. At Harwich, I caught a train to London and the tube to Hounslow West and then walked home to my parent’s house.
I was dreading returning to Hawker Siddley the following day, as I was now many days late from returning from my extended holidays.

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