Monday, 10 October 2011

Porsche 908 photograph

I went up to visit the Broström house with Ginger to see Richard during our visit. In Richard’s study was a massive photograph, covering all of one entire wall, of him driving his Porsche 908 at the Nurburgring Carousel. This photograph must have been 6 x 4 metres and Richard’s penetrating eyes looked through his helmet visor straight at you. A copy of this photograph is included after this chapter and used on my Twitter @alangiddins and Blog accounts.
            The Broström house was actually an old hotel that they purchased and refurbished. It was located in Epalinges, just off the route to Bern driving out of Lausanne for a few minutes. It had its own lift installed and they had their own snowplough to clear the drive in winter. Piranne, Richard’s wife was a Swedish tax exile and her and her brother Ulf lived permanently in Switzerland only being able to return to Sweden on vacation for limited days. 

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