Friday, 7 October 2011

The Ostereichring

Bob and I were due back at work at Hawker’s the next morning when Ginger dropped a mini bombshell and asked us both if we wanted to come and help him at the Ostereichring in Zeltweg, Austria on the following weekend? Apparently Richard Broström was very happy to pay us for our expenses plus some cash in our pockets, so Bob and I looked at each other and both said, “Yes, we would love to.”
Bob had never been out of the country in his life and did not even have a passport. So we headed off to his parents’ house in Cobham, Surrey. We went in and he told his parents he was going to Austria for a week or so and he would see them in due course. Bob packed his bag said good bye to his parent’s and we headed back to Hounslow. He took some photographs in a photo booth and then went into the main post office to get a temporary passport for one year, which you could obtain over the counter in those days.
A few hours later we were in the Oldsmobile alongside Ginger heading for Dover, and caught the ferry over to Ostend. We then drove through the night through Belgium, Germany and into Switzerland. 

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