Friday, 14 October 2011

Heavy Duty Chains

We duly arrived at the Porsche Factory and dropped the old Porsche 908-1 off and went to collect the new Porsche 908-2 Spider. We loaded it onto the trailer and tied it down securely and put its cover on and secured that. Ginger had two additional heavy duty chains welded to the van’s tow bar assembly, which loosely hooked onto separate pickup points on the trailer. I asked why this was necessary and he said, “This is the second time I have collected a new Porsche 908-2 Spider from Stuttgart this month and I don’t want to lose this one.” Bob and I looked puzzled and asked him what had happened to the first one? He said, “After collecting the first new 908-2 earlier in the month, the ball hitch had completely snapped off whilst driving down the Autobahn and the trailer and race car had ended up in the forest totally written off”. Ginger was not taking any chances of that ever happening again, hence the additional heavy duty safety retaining chains! 

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