Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ginger moves on

Ginger came in from work from AFN one evening and when I arrived home from work there was excitement in the air. He had been offered a job working for a private Porsche motor racing team based in Lausanne, Switzerland called Sports Cars Switzerland. I remember talking to my dad to get as much information as possible and then to Ginger as he was packing his things up. When I asked him would he take the job, he said, “I’m flying out to Geneva this evening for an interview.”
A chap called Bob Boutoult and good friend of Ginger’s, who was already working for Richard Broström, had recommended Ginger for this job. Ginger flew off to Geneva and we all waited on further developments. Upon his return from Switzerland and after accepting the job Ginger was adamant he was moving to Switzerland.
My father was a bit more cautious and so he called John Aldington to get his thoughts on the move. John was very supportive and told my father, “There would always be a job for Ginger at AFN if things did not work out for him”.
So Ginger left AFN and was shortly working in Switzerland exploring his new life in Porsche motor sport.
I was still at that time working at Hawker Siddley. 

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