Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Expensive round of drinks

That night after a large dinner and reception we ended up in the hotel nightclub and we met up with a few local girls. I realised it must be my turn to buy a round of drinks but Ginger was telling me to keep my money in my pocket. However I was insistent and purchased a round of drinks and additionally twenty cigarettes for the girls. I paid in Swedish Krona, thought it very expensive at the time and made a note to ask my brother later if I had been charged correctly? When the opportunity presented itself, I asked Ginger about the cost of the drinks and he said it sounded about right. The next morning I was working out my money and it had cost me £14 for a round of drinks and 20 cigarettes! I was devastated; two and a half weeks pay on one round of drinks! Ginger said, “Listen to me next time otherwise you can learn the hard way!”

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