Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dr Helmut Marko

We went up to the circuit to pack up and collect the racecars. Ginger had arranged for me to get a lift back to the hotel with Dr Helmut Marko in his rental car, which was just a regular Opel saloon. Helmut was a really nice man and I got into the car with him and he went the long way back to the hotel, down long winding roads, all leafy and wet and then through forest tracks. I had never been so fast in my life in a road car but Helmut was a brilliant driver and I felt totally safe with him. My brother Ginger was a good driver, but I suddenly realised just how good these race drivers were and in a totally different league! It was an experience I was not to forget and one wondered what it was like in an actual racecar with such talent?

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