Friday, 28 October 2011

Danish Grand Prix, Jyllandsringen

We drove down through Sweden with the Porsche 910 Special on the trailer and crossed into Denmark. We found the hotel, checked in and met up with Richard Broström and some of my brother’s race friends. Everyone seemed to know everyone else and I was surprised just how many of the drivers mixed in with the rest of the teams.
We were at the circuit first thing the next morning and unloaded the Porsche 910 Special and warmed it up ready for testing. Richard was driving the car himself and he discussed a number of changes to the suspension set-up with my brother. We made these adjustments and we continued testing all day until Richard was satisfied with the lap times and handling. Ginger also wanted to change the gear ratios later that afternoon before we went back to the hotel.
I was very surprised when Richard told me over dinner that, he was hopeful of getting a class win in the race the next day in light of having in effect a totally new car design as even in those days aerodynamics were critical.
The following morning, race day, August 23rd we were up bright and early and down at the circuit for a warm up session. The Race was run over three heats and the results were:
1st heat: 1st Burton, 2nd Bonnier, 3rd Swart, 4th Zadra, 5th Robinson, 6th Broström
2nd heat: 1st Bonnier, 2nd Burton, 3rd Edwards, 4th Swart, 5th Robinson, 6th Broström
3rd heat: 1st Bonnier, 2nd Burton, 3rd Edwards, 4th Swart, 5th Martin, 6th Robinson
Jo Bonnier was declared overall winner in his Lola T212 Ford at a time of 37 minutes 12 seconds, followed by John Burton in a Chevron B16 Ford, Ed Swart’s Arbarth 2000S, Brian Robinson also in a Chevron B16 Ford with Richard Broström 5th in our Porsche 910 Special. Antonio Zadra came 6th in another Arbarth with Guy Edwards in his Astra Ford 7th.
Richard was delighted as he beat a standard Porsche 910 that came in 9th overall, which vindicated his new body design on his Porsche 910 Special and it was satisfying for us who helped build it.
Richard Broström was good at PR and managed to get a lot of press coverage both nationally on the Danish television and in European wide magazines.
It was soon time to depart and Richard offered to drive me to the ferry terminal in his lightweight tuned Condor Green Porsche 911T and so we arranged to meet in the hotel lobby the next morning. Ginger was going back to Switzerland and had planned to drop me off in Aachen and put me on a train for Ostend but it made more sense for me to take the ferry direct to Harwich.

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