Monday, 31 October 2011

Broström – Norinder marriage

I remember Bill Bates telling me some years later that the Broström marriage was covered by all the major European society magazines at the time. It appeared Richard had married into a lot of money and Piranne his wife, funded Sports Cars Switzerland.
Piranne and Ulf were Swedish tax exiles living in Switzerland. The Norinder family had massive interests in Sweden but Ulf and Piranne could only visit Sweden as tourists for limited days every year as they resided in Switzerland.
Richard Broström split from his wife Piranne in 1971 and he immediately ran out of funds so he sold all his racing cars and disbanded his team Sports Cars Switzerland.
The new Porsche 908 Flounder was sold to Andre Wicky in Lausanne.
My brother Mike “Ginger” Giddins stayed in Switzerland and worked for Paddy McNally for a while as his liveried chauffer, if you please, driving Paddy around in his short wheel base black Mercedes 600 Limo.
Paddy was a racing driver, playboy, socialite and he also wrote for Autosport magazine at that time.

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