Saturday, 15 October 2011

Author’s Shortcut?

Shortly after we were on the road to Austria and Ginger did all the driving initially as he was used to it. We were on the autobahn, with the three of us sitting three abreast in the front with Ginger at the wheel it was not long before Bob and I were dozing off, but we tried to maintain one of us keeping awake whilst the other dozed. In such circumstances, time passes unknowingly and apparently Bob woke up with the van brushing the Armco barrier in the centre of the autobahn. Bob was closest to the passenger door with me in the middle and he thought we were driving a bit too fast considering that it was very cold and probably icy outside. We were coming to the end of the autobahn and heading towards a roundabout, when he realised that not only was I asleep, but Ginger our driver was nodding off too! We miraculously made it around the roundabout on ice and then stopped at the next petrol station, this was primarily not for a rest break but to by some Ritter chocolate that was caffeine enriched for keeping awake, and we continued on.
I navigated and soon noticed that to get to Zeltweg we had to go around the mountains either to the north or the south, which was very long whichever route, we took. I then saw a smaller road through the middle and decided to take us along that route. Well that was my big mistake, because the road got smaller and smaller and snowier and icier the more we went along it. We were soon climbing high into the mountains and eventually we got to a hill and could not go up or down. Ginger was cursing me big time by now and then a snow plough came along and so we flagged it down and he pulled us up the hill and right through the village which was a skiing resort! The skiing folk were smiling seeing this van and trailer with a racing car go through the village. My brother said, “So much for your short cut”!

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