Thursday, 29 September 2011

Robert John (Bob) Grafham

At my interview for my job with Hawkers, I met a chap called Robert (Bob) Grafham. Bob and I have been the best of friends, as well as business partners, ever since, which is now some 42 years!
In those days I was commuting to work from my parent’s home in Hounslow on my trusty Vespa 180 SS. However, Bob had a smart yellow and white 105E Ford Anglia at that time, and he commuted to and from Cobham in Surrey where he lived with his parents. We became great friends in and out of work and Bob’s car was obviously was our preferred mode of transport for most evenings and weekends out together.
Over time Bob & I made up a number of electrical gadgets for his car including; automatic dipping headlights, automatic parking lights that came on when it got dark (via the left or right sidelights which ever was set left or right) and automatic windscreen wipers that would come on when it rained. These days most of these items are standard on most luxury cars.

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