Friday, 23 September 2011


I had studied photography at school and could take a reasonable picture, develop the film and make my own prints, so I got on very well with Bill from our first meeting and we have remained great friends until his death in 2011 some 42 years later!
Some while later that day Ginger and I popped into Bill’s house in Twickenham and it was then I first recall meeting Bill’s daughter Amanda, who was my own age and was visiting home from school. Unfortunately, Bill’s first wife Mary (Amanda’s mother) had tragically died from leukaemia many years earlier at a very young age, so he had bought Amanda up on his own with the help of his sister Diana.
I then started to pop in to see Bill regularly at his photographic studio in the basement of an old dusty building at 64 London Road just off Twickenham High Street. 

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