Monday, 19 September 2011

Dickie at Le Mans

Dickie Stoop was very well known both nationally and internationally in motor racing circles. He had raced all over Europe and was a class winner at Le Mans! His Le Mans record is as follows: -

1.     In 1950 Dickie drove with T.A.S.O. "Donald" Mathieson, in the H.J. Aldington, entered Frazer-Nash Mille Miglia, car number 30 and they finished 9th overall and Class winners!
2.     In 1951 Dickie drove with Peter Wilson in a M. P. Trevelyan, Frazer-Nash Mille Miglia, car number 34, and they finished 19th overall.
3.     In 1952 Dickie drove an AFN entered Frazer Nash Mille Miglia with fellow countryman Peter Wilson but had to retire in the 19th hour with transmission problems.
4.     In 1955 he drove a Frazer Nash Sebring - Bristol with Frenchman Marcel Becquart and they finished 10th overall.
5.     In 1956 he drove with Australian Tony Gaze, in a Frazer Nash Sebring – Bristol but had big accident after 10 hours and retired.
6.     In 1957 Dickie drove Frazer Nash Sebring - Bristol with fellow countryman Peter Jopp but did not finish, due to an oil leak, during the last hour!
7.     In 1958, he drove a works AC Ace LM - Bristol (prototype.) with Peter Bolton and finished 8th overall.
8.     In 1959 Dickie drove a Standard Triumph, Works Triumph TR3 S with countryman Ninian Sanderson, Claude Dubois of Belgium. They had to retire in the 23rd hour with engine overheating problems.
9.     In 1960 Le Mans Dickie drove with Baron Carel Godin de Beaufort, of the Netherlands in a Porsche 718 RS60/4 but had to retire with engine problems.
10.  Driving in his last Le Mans race in 1961, in an Ecurie Chiltern, Austin Healey 3000, with co-driver John Bekaert, he had to retire in the 23rd hour with a blown cylinder head gasket.

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